One from the library is sedum hybridus.

One Dave gave me is sedum sarmentosum. It likes shade more and gets aggressive there. Less so in full sun.

Pink flowered one is october daphne (sedum sieboldii, like the panic grass).


Perfect Saturday

  • Weeded tons of goldenrod in the L corner. Now I want to take out the original because I’m sick of it. There’s still some in the front but elm leaved goldenrod prefers some shade.
  • Weeded tons of violets too and mulched heavily
  • B pruned 2 old, huge lilac branches
  • dug out doublefile viburnum bc it was half dead and didn’t bloom at all this year. Planted it in R corner where the soil isn’t rocky, Ā it’s more protected, and gets a.m. sun. But it’s a throwaway at this point. Looks nice tho.