toe may toes, et al

planted all 4 tomatoes, plus bell pepper, and orange bell pepper, jalafredo (?) like jalapeno but longer. whatever. and tiny parsley. not really enough compost but used what there was and plan to dress with more as it’s available.

also, found some reseeded parsley (for the first time ever) that i’m pretty excited about. if one lets one’s parsley go to seed one should be rewarded. Looks like there’s a little reseeded cilantro too, like last year.



new plants from LCFPD native plant sale 2018

  1. common blue-eyed grass (1) (on the recommendation of someone else in line). not a grass; in iris family? (planted behind the goldenrod in grassy bed).
  2. dwarf blazing star (3), (liatris cylindracea), not on the plant list, 12 inches tall, will go near the other ones in the hedge bed eventually, if it ever dries out.
  3. prairie smoke (geum triflorum) (3), are planted in the center bed on the sidewalk side.
  4. shooting star (2) dodecatheon meadia. shade, ephemeral, possibly on the house side of the center bed. Not planted yet. See above excuse.

They didn’t have the ones on my shopping list: purple prairie clover, bottle gentian, twinleaf, silky aster. Maybe next year.




It’s late

but it was snowing not that long ago, and then we were on vacation. It’s cold and rainy today. Have hardly done anything in the back yard, but today i started working on the fairy ring, inspired by Scotland. moved a couple big rocks and a bunch of little ones. Want to move a few more big ones from the front but I need muscle. in there now, clockwise from L: bevans variety geranium (looking and smelling 20180511_122401.jpgglorious), hellebore (somewhat small and unenthusiastic but it’s blooming and its sibling across the way – and getting more sun – is doing fine), may apples, doing very well this year, the hydrangea with the huge forever blooms, and a few violets.

In the front I weeded, mostly dandelions. and the evil miscanthus which refuses to go away.